I have two years of Tritace interesting experience. I 58 year. For the first year I could not accuse him. Well my blood pressure regulated, I was taking a little, bo 5mg. In recent months, there was a problem again too high pressure, and the doctor upped me to 10mg Tritace. Then I started to hear ringing in your ears. Now the question: Is Tritace resulted in a call, or simply a consequence of the pressure was. This is one side effect.
The second foul resulted in involuntary muscle contractions. I learned from the Internet, it may be an effect of an increase in dose. Tritace not stop, however, take, I think, it was too good medicine to so quickly abandon it. For now, I download magnesium supplements, because it must cope with contractions. If you do not help, I choose it for consultation and can then think about some changes.


Ampril 10 mg




Zocor is a drug, which is necessary as a supplement to low-cholesterol diet. The best results in lowering cholesterol levels (both the evil and the good) obtained at the regular poly. The drug works two stages. This means that, that lowers bad cholesterol while cholesterol supports the positive effects of good. Through this behavior is enhanced stabilizing effect of lowering and low cholesterol content.

The first results are visible after a week poly. However, the stabilization is at least 2 weeks of taking. The treatment shows the best results after 4 weeks of regular drug.


Simvasterol is a drug administered in a situation of high cholesterol levels in your blood. It is the drug of the group of medicines with rapidly lowering blood cholesterol. Administered on a regular basis significantly reduces the size of the unit of blood cholesterol.

Rapid-drug administered in states of high cholesterol levels. Along with the drug must be rigorously adhered to a diet low in products with a high content of cholesterol.