Media in the media:

  1. TOYA Television (April 2013) -> live program
  2. Radio Łódź (maj 2013) -> radio interview


Establishing cooperation:

We can QUICKLY prepare reliable articles and texts in the field of the pharmaceutical and health markets, both for drugs and supplements and excipients sold without a prescription..

We will be happy to take part in TV and radio programs about health, medicines and new technologies.


Our manifesto:

We service, which for several years has been a basic source of information about medicines and all types of pharmaceuticals popularly used to improve health and beauty.

Due to the fact that we operate quite dynamically, our website is still growing and expanding its coverage with new topics and drug database.. We become a place where everyone can read about how to take medicines not from leaflets but from other real users/patients, who have handled this drug or dietary product.

We have knowledge not only about medicines. We are able to define current trends. We have access to statistical data and knowledge regarding the use and spread of drugs and pharmaceuticals on the market. We know the needs and shortcomings of the pharmacological market and its activities in various aspects of functioning. Due to the existence of the internet, our knowledge is the most comprehensive Internet medium.

It is a natural part of our website sharing knowledge and this is why our website was created. If you need information, that we can have, and that you are looking for- feel free to. Write to us and we will try to meet your needs.

We are always open for cooperation with the media and the media. At every turn (and, in principle, the ;) ) we are trying to prove that the website is needed and available to a wide range of users. On average they will tell us above 9000 users per day, so we have a chance to learn about their habits and share this knowledge.


Please contact us!!

To start working with the team please contact us: and by phone: +48 601 445 094, +48 606 953 666