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that's nice, that you want to learn more about the site. is a website devoted entirely to the activities of broadly understood health. It is an activity completely independent from any business entities operating in the pharmaceutical industry. Independence and objectivity are what counts for us.

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If the drug leaflet is not enough for you and you do not believe in sponsored articles on other sites? If you want to share your observations or read the opinions of others, is the perfect place.

Remember, that with us you will find independent opinions and real stories of people, who share their insights. Some descriptions are written by experts. It should not be forgotten, that the most important source of information about medicines is always the package leaflet.

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is a large knowledge base for both doctors, and patients. This place, where expert knowledge meets stories told by patients.

Much of the information, which we and our fellow doctors want to hand over to you are not obvious, or the simple conclusions drawn from them, but it's knowledge , which flows from thousands of international studies. Access to research search capabilities is provided by:

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The test is not for everyone, can this portal bring anything to my life?

Thousands of people, who manifested themselves on our portal, describing his contact with the world of drugs, doses, side effects of, lost and regained hopes they did it for, so that others in a similar situation do not feel left to themselves.

If you are a patient, or you are considering treatment, it certainly is!
On, you will learn about people's stories, who have suffered from a disease like you. Read on, which helped them, what they feared the most, what medications were prescribed and whether they were effective. Check How they rate the drug on a scale of 1 do 10.

Additionally, arm yourself with expert, specialist knowledge about drugs, you get. What is written on the leaflet of the drug, it's just a piece of knowledge, available to specialists. Your doctor will appreciate it, that from today on you will not only listen to him, but also understood his words well.

If you are a doctor, or you work as a pharmacist then it, What a drug can do for you is this look at the treatment process,  from the patient's side.job