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A hopeless replacement for me. The tablet is half the size of the original drug. It makes me feel terrible

grzesiek the Bibloc

What if I catch a cold, what medicines can I take?

Waszczewski the Bibloc

The medicine causes a feeling of numbness / tongue burns. I was taking concor cor 3.75 mg i bibloc 2.5 mg.

Domi the Bibloc

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How Bibloc works
A drug from the cardioselective group β-high affinity receptor blockers β1 in the heart of. It has lipophilic and hydrophilic properties. Does not show inside… Read more
How to dose Bibloc?
Treatment should be started with low doses, gradually and slowly increasing them. The doses should be adjusted according to the heart rate and the effectiveness of the treatment in the individual patient… Read more
Contraindications to taking Bibloc
Drug hypersensitivity reactions β-adrenolytics or other ingredients of the preparation, acute or chronic decompensated heart failure, cardiogenic shock, wire block… Read more
Can Bibloc be taken during pregnancy??
Category C. The drug can be administered to pregnant women, when the benefits to the mother outweigh the possible risks to the foetus. Newborns of mothers treated with bisoprolol should be… Read more
Does Bibloc have any side effects??
Respiratory system: due to the possibility of increasing respiratory resistance, patients with a tendency to spastic bronchial reactions (bronchial asthma, bronchial obstructive disease… Read more
Can you overdose on Bibloc??
Clinical symptoms depend on the degree of overdose. There may be: cardiovascular and nervous system disorders, with severe hypotension, bradycardia (also asystole… Read more
How recommended to take Bibloc while breastfeeding?
The drug may pass into breast milk…. Read more

Bibloc Dinner

Bibloc is a medicine available in various packaging and doses in Polish pharmacies. The price does not always depend on the pharmacy point, in which you are buying, but also on the dose of the active substance and the amount of the drug.
There are doses on the Polish market:
1,25 mg

Bibloc in a dose 1,25 mg active
Can be purchased in the package containing 30 pc. tabl. powl. in price:

  • 8.81PLN when you purchase on 100%. Then the price of one capsule is 0.29PLN
  • Detailed prices for other Bibloc packaging and fees:

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    familiarize yourself with Bibloc substitutes. You will learn about replacement prices and maybe there is some reimbursed by the National Health Fund. Before going to the doctor, you can also verify the effects and possible side effects of Bibloc itself, as well as substitutes.

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    Bibloc ingredients and action

    Get to know the composition of Bibloc and its use for ailments
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    Bibloc is used in an accident: For ischemic heart disease, For hypertension, For hypertension, Prescription,
    The main ingredients of Bibloc are: Bisoprolol ,

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    1. A hopeless replacement for me. The tablet is half the size of the original drug. It makes me feel terrible