Cooperation with pharmacies


Many patients are looking for a place where they can buy a specific drug. He wants to know how quickly he can purchase a specific product and at what price. We receive requests for this information on a daily basis regarding prescription and non-prescription drugs.

  • You want to facilitate the purchase and reaching patients for the drugs they are looking for?
  • You would like to help patients purchase a drug or a group of drugs?
  • You want a link to your pharmacy to appear next to a specific drug or a group of drugs, which offers these pharmaceuticals?
  • You want your drug or supplement point of sale to be visible on our pages?

If you are just such a person or represent a company with such specificity- welcome to contact us. We service, who is active in the pharmaceuticals market and will be happy to cooperate for mutual benefit. We are on the market for more than 3 years and we have a number of important achievements. Join us!

Wanting to start cooperation with the team , If you want the details of your store or pharmacy to be available to our users, please contact us by e-mail: and by phone: +48 606 953 666.

We do not sell or distribute drugs. We also do not have information on the availability of drugs in pharmacies.