CheckLek team


Cool, that you are interested in contacting us and want to get to know us better. Nice, that you looked here. Let's get to know each other better!

We are passionate, which we have been running our website for a long time. We are motivated to maintain initiatives that can help others and be useful to more people. Drugs and pharmaceuticals are issues, that guide this website, but the most important are their users. It is for people reading and looking for information that we have created this portal.

Adam Skurski

Originator, CEO

An extraordinary character with many interests. He can create a working solution from an idea in a short time. He makes decisions quickly and takes the necessary actions.

Patryk Janiszewski


A personality personality with many ideas and an open mind.
He comes up with and verifies ideas in the blink of an eye what he does, that the cooperation is extremely interesting and dynamic. He is always looking for information at the source

Kamil Janiszewski


A man with a rich design portfolio. He willingly shares the experience collected during his many private activities with others. Supports cool ideas with development prospects.