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Kupiłam swojemu partnerowi. Zdecydowanie wyszło nam to na dobre. Very good price. I super efekty. Polecamy.

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Opis leku Inventum

New product on the market, which is intended to help men maintain erections. The package contains: 2 tablets, that need to be figured out and thrown- this form of administration can be very practical.

The active substance Invention jest cytrynian syldenafilu, a 1 the tablet contains 25mg of sildenafil.

Invention reklamowany jest jako środek leczniczy, but sexual stimulation and a state of arousal are necessary, for sildenafil to bring the expected results.

It is recommended to use an initial dose of 50 mg/24h. You should take the medicine at least for 60 minutes before sexual activity.

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Invention is used in an accident: Without a prescription, Na erekcję, For an erection, On the potentiation, For sexual problems, from TV commercials, zaburzenia erekcji,
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    Kupiłam swojemu partnerowi. Zdecydowanie wyszło nam to na dobre. Very good price. I super efekty. Polecamy.