The main treatment against the formation of blood clots is Warfin. Struggling with thrombosis, the drug first reduces the risk of a heart attack, and secondly, it reduces the risk of further negative consequences, in people with a history of myocardial infarction.
The popularity of the drug is closely related to its high efficiency (Drugs similar to him, with the same active substance, they have a strong position since 60 year). Warfin is definitely effective, but unfortunately its effective dose, automatically, it is also a dose that significantly increases the risk of bleeding. If, however, we take a safe dose, unfortunately it is too small to work.
The second problem with Warfin is its interactions with other drugs, but interactions with certain food groups are also problematic, here we have leaf vegetables, for example.



Lek Xarelto, containing rivaroxaban, is one of the recently introduced prescription medications used to treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE). This medicine is also used to prevent thrombosis in adults with artificial heart or hip joints and in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

The dosage of Xarelta depends on the type and type of treatment being used. For the treatment of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism, the recommended dose is 15-20mg once daily, taken orally. For the prevention of thrombosis due to an artificial heart or hip joints, the recommended dose is 10-20mg once daily taken orally. For patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the recommended dose is 10 mg once daily taken orally. The drug should be taken regularly, without sacrificing yourself, to ensure optimal treatment.

Istnieją również potencjalne zamienniki leku Xarelto dostępne w Polsce. For example, the drug Warfarin (containing anticoagulants) it is used to treat DVT and PE. It is also used as antithrombotic prophylaxis in the case of an artificial heart. Lek Pradaxa (containing dabigatran) is used to treat DVT and PE, as well as in the prevention of thrombosis in adults with an artificial heart. Lek Eliquis (containing apixaban) is used to treat DVT and PE, as well as in the prevention of thrombosis in adults with an artificial heart.

In addition, there are other medications, which can be used as alternative or complementary solutions for patients with DVT and PE, including medicines containing heparin, heparin with thrombin and acetylsalicylic acid inhibitors.

Obecnie Xarelto i jego zamienniki są dostępne wyłącznie na receptę w Polsce. Before starting treatment, the patient must consult a doctor to determine the recommended dose, to make sure, that the medicine is being used correctly. Patients should also tell their doctor about all other medications they take, that they currently use, including herbal medicines, vitamins, supplements and other prescription or over-the-counter medications.


[DrWidg_Content] Available in pharmacies under the name: Ulgix® Laxi, Ulgix® ochrona wątroby, Ulgix® USG, Ulgix® wzdęcia, Ulgix®Total

Zapobieganie zaparciom i leczenie przewlekłych zaparć, wspomagająco u pacjentów z guzkami krwawniczymi i/lub szczelinami odbytu, jak również u pacjentów, u których ze względu na stan zdrowia niewskazany jest zwiększony wysiłek przy oddawaniu stolca, przygotowanie do zabiegów diagnostycznych i operacyjnych. [/DrWidg_Content]


Rostil, has a protective effect on blood vessels. Its component has been used for years in many countries, calcium dobesylate, being an antioxidant. It has a protective effect (protective) against blood vessel, including counteracts their excessive permeability. It is most often prescribed to people with a deteriorated condition of the circulatory system, for example, patients with advanced diabetes, who have problems with diabetic retinopathy (damage to blood vessels in the retina)
According to the manufacturer, Rostil jest naszym narzędziem do leczenia przewlekłej niewydolności krążenia, touching the vessels of the lower extremities, which results in a noticeable swelling, and blue skin on the legs.
Rostil jest lekiem, and not a dietary supplement. Bearing in mind its positive effects, we must also adopt it, that it may cause some side effects for us, and fever among them, digestive system trouble (nausea the most common), but surprisingly also nervousness. It is most likely, however, that we will not experience any of them.
The drug should not be taken by women in the first trimester of pregnancy.


Online pharmacy price.

As of today, one type of packaging is available, which it contains 30 tablets of the drug rostil. It costs in online pharmacies from 9,90 do 13,50 PLN

The price of one tablet is 33 – 40 pennies
The recommended daily therapy is from 2 do 4 tablets, so the daily cost of therapy is from 73 do 1,46 PLN

Traditional pharmacy price

Packaging containing 30 tablets in traditional pharmacies Rostil cost from 10,50 do 13,80 PLN. To check it, we called 3 pharmacy. Two in Warsaw, and to one of Częstochowa.

Price on Allegro

Rostil jest sprzedawany dość drogo na allegro. Prices fluctuate, from 10,49 PLN to 15,90 PLN (As of August 2015 year). However, it should be remembered, that most often the price will ultimately turn out to be higher, because you also need to add the shipping price. The situation is similar also in online pharmacies, unless we order with the option of personal collection.



Posterisan suppositories, ointment. Without a prescription

This is a measure used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Its main action is to reduce pain around the anus. Relieves pain by reducing the baking, redness and irritation intimate surroundings. Promotes wound healing relieving all kinds of unpleasant feelings associated with it. It also has an antibacterial effect, increasing the resistance of the inflammatory lesions of the disease. Long-term use is permitted and recommended for large bleeding. Reduces bleeding. It was a pattern designed to prevent relapse.


Lovenox is prepared hypodermic injections. It is given for a period of several weeks after surgical operations, so, to interfere with the formation of blood clots.
Side effects are very rare. However, there may be bleeding, and allergic reactions.


Aflavic was created to fight a very common problem, which is the lower limb circulatory failure. Perhaps we should get him to reach, when we feel the severity of leg, or have problems with standing for a long time in one place. Rather, it should not cause side effects, but instances of nausea after application of diosmin (active ingredient aflavicu) were listed.