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How Nebicard works
Nebivolol is a racemic mixture 2 enantiomers: nebiwololu SRRR (the d-nebiwololu) i nebiwololu RSSS (or 1-nebivolol). The medicinal product has two effects… Read more
How it is recommended to take Nebicard when breastfeeding?
The drug may pass into breast milk…. Read more
How to dose Nebicard?
Hypertension. The dose is 5 mg / day, preferably taken at a fixed time each day. The blood pressure lowering effect occurs after 1-2 fabric. treatment. … Read more
Contraindications for taking Nebicard
Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients. Liver failure or impaired liver function. Acute heart failure, shock of penalties… Read more
Can Nebicard be taken or consumed while pregnant??
The pharmacological effects of nebivolol may cause harmful effects on pregnancy and/or the foetus/newborn. Receptor-blocking drugs β-adrenergic drugs reduce blood flow… Read more
Does Nebicard have side effects?
Hypertension. Immune system disorders: (unknown) angioedema, hypersensitivity. Mental disorders: (Not so often) nightmares, about… Read more
Can you overdose on Nebicard??
There are no data on overdose with nebivolol. Symptoms of overdose β-blockers it: bradycardia, arterial hypotension, bronchospasm and acute respiratory failure… Read more

Nebicard price

Nebicard is a drug available in various packages and doses in Polish pharmacies. The price does not always depend on the pharmacy point, in which you are buying, but also on the dose of the active substance and the amount of the drug.
There are doses on the Polish market:
5 mg

Nebicard in dose 5 mg active
Can be purchased in the package containing 28 pc. tabl. in price:

  • 0.00PLN when you purchase on Relief of the Senior. Then the price of one capsule is 0.00PLN
  • Detailed prices of other packages and Nebicard payments:

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    Nebicard is used in an accident: For hypertension, For hypertension, Prescription, For heart,
    The main ingredients of Nebicard are: Nebiwolol ,

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